About Us

SGS Fencing and Gates is a family owned and run, entirely West Australian, business. We have been working from our premises in Belmont for over 10 years and have worked hard to get a good reputation in the gates and fencing industries.

We believe in doing things right the first time and keeping a good relationship with our customers, big and small. We are proud to provide our clients with what they want at a fair price and with a professional service.

We support the people who support us and do our best to source products and services from other local and West Australian businesses.

Fabrication services

Fabrication services

All our products are fabricated on our premises in Belmont.
We have our own Hot-Dip Galvanise and Powder Coating facilities, which means less outsourcing and more money in your pocket.

Having our own complete fabrication services also gives us greater flexibility and better quality control over our products. Having our own facilities means we can produce costume-made products at a lower cost while ensuring their quality. The facilities also let us produce large volumes at a shorter notice.

We use the recommended Zinc pre-treatment and stainless steel welding wires. We can also offer separate Powder Coating services.